Chief Executive & Director of Nursing

How we are managed

AWP is led by a Board of Directors which is responsible for the governance, leadership and strategic direction of the Trust. The Trust Board comprises 12 directors - seven Non-Executive Directors and five Executive Directors, including the Chief Executive. The Trust Chair also sits on the Board of Directors.

In setting the organisation's aims and objectives, the Board provides strategic leadership and sets out the quality standards Trust services must deliver. The Board also ensures that appropriate financial and human resources are in place to meet these objectives. By setting high standards of corporate governance, and through its monitoring of the adequacy of the performance management arrangements within the organisation, the Board ensures that agreed objectives are met in a timely way and that any variation is recognised and tackled.

The Chief Executive is responsible for the day to day management of the Trust's business. The Executive Directors, collectively known as the Executive Team (ET), assist the Chief Executive in putting the strategy of the Board into practice and fully implementing it. Collectively, the ET uses formal accountability and performance management frameworks to hold the organisation to account and to achieve the Boards objectives. 

Non-Executive Directors have a particular role in scrutinising the implementation of the strategy and monitoring the effective discharging of statutory responsibilities and the effective and full delivery of the Trust's contractual obligations

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